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Our range of overmantles will offer you a sleek design to perfectly compliment your new fireplace surround. As well as giving your room additional light, your overmantle will help to transform your fireplace into an attractive focal point within your room.  


We have three design options to choose from in a variety of colours; so, whether you have a classic, traditional or a more modern decor, our overmantles will suit any style.

Plain Mirror Overmantle in Milan Cream

Plain Mirror

This rectangular mirror will help to create a statement and make your room appear large

Standard Arch Mirror Overmantle in Ivory Pearl

Standard Arched Mirror

Traditional in its style, the arched mirror gives a new visual dynamic to the fireplace which contrasts with the straight lines of the mantel.   

Standard Arched Mirror.png
Large Arched Mirror in Ivory Pearl

Large Arched Mirror

Sure to create a focal point in your room, this overmantle works best with large traditional style surrounds.

Large Arched Mirror.png
Confirm colour availability of all mirrors with your dealer
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